Friday, June 09, 2006

Karma Police, Arrest This Man!

I was listening to some Radiohead on the way to work, thus the random lyrics. Here's another... "She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's the one that they call oh, whatshername..." Something like that. Name that tune!

Yes, it has been many months since I blogged. I guess I just kind of fizzled out on the politics kick, and wasn't sure what to replace it with. I have some ideas here and there. I don't promise it'll be enormously exciting, but you can bet that it will be sometimes!

I have been thinking a bit recently about good old upstate NY, where I was born and raised (Auburn specifically). It was not the hub of fun and excitement for sure, but I have lots of great memories from there, and I'm kind of mentally going through the ones I don't think of often so that I don't lose them. I remember Roseland. The link you see here is to the new Roseland, which I just found out existed in the same small city, Canandaigua. The old Roseland was a regular non-water amusement park for the most part. We would go there every year until it closed back in 1985. Then we went to Darien Lake after that, which was a bigger park, but never had the same feel. It is now "Six Flags Western New York" or something. The old carousel was then purchased to be part of Carousel Center in Syracuse. It's an enormous mall that also has convention space and so on. Hardly the same though as when it was at Roseland though. I will always remember the music that it made with the little mechanical drums and other instruments that you could see behind the wooden facade for just a fraction of a second as you went around the circle. Cotton candy, candy apples, Skyliner, which was the old wooden rollercoaster. It was a dwarf by today's standards, but at the time I thought it was the most amazing ride. The Gold Nugget was actually my favorite. It was a Haunted House, and you would get in little open cars that would take you around it. That was closed during their last year because of a fire that killed a few kids in WV that caused those types of rides to be required to have sprinkler systems. They knew they were closing anyway, so there was no point in spending the money I guess.

Wow!!! Check it out! Skyliner still exists! They moved it to someplace in PA! I would love to go there just to take another spin on it. It's in Lakemont, which seems to be near Altoona. Hmmm.

On another note, yesterday was the last day of Zarqawi's miserable excuse for a life. It could hardly have happened to a more deserving person. I doubt it's going to make a huge difference in anything in Iraq, but it might help some. We'll see. By the way though, did it seem a little strange how they put an enormous picture of the guy's face on a picture and even bothered to frame it for media consumption? Seems like they're trying a bit too hard, but hey, it's been a tough year or two for them. I guess we can expect a little showboating.