Wednesday, March 23, 2005


...but don't stare at it. It's like the sun. You look, just to get a sense of it, and then you look away!!! Sorry, Seinfeld reference, and not dead-on, but close. I will let someone else explain. This post is mostly for my own amusement, sorry. On second thought, no I'm not sorry. It's my blog, right? I posted an invite to my German/Swiss/Austrian blogging friends on my other blog to come here and comment, but none have yet. It's funny, most of them speak and especially write English very well, especially younger people, but they tend to be very shy about it. I don't really share that shyness when it comes to German. On the other hand, most Americans don't really bother to learn other languages, so even if my German were worse than it is, Germans are impressed with it. It's seen as less essential. It makes more sense why it's more important there when you figure that Germany has the largest population in Europe aside from Russia at about 81 million people, and it's slightly smaller than the state of Montana. How's that for scale? I find that stat fascinating.

I am watching the minutes tick down before I go home. 17 minutes left. This entry will need to be done before that. I was tired of talking politics today, so I generally steered clear of the blogs. Much too depressing, plus I had my normal work to do. My younger sister and only sibling, Katie, is getting married the first weekend in June, near where she lives in Jensen Beach, Florida. There are a couple things kind of funny about that. My wife is Christina, but she goes by Chris. Katie's fiance also goes by Kris (short from Kristopher or Kristofer I assume). They were both born and raised in different parts of New York State, but they met in Florida. The wedding will also most likely be the first time that I've ever met him! I've talked to him on the phone a couple times though, and he's definitely a talker like me, which is good. He also has the Long Island accent. He sounds so much like the other guys of Italian heritage that I went to college with at State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo. It's quite funny. Anyway, two minutes left, time to wrap it up and head home!


Karin said...

Hi Eric, I'll come back here very often :)))


Andi said...

So none of your German friends is answering here? Well ... here's one of them ;-).
Greetings from Bavaria

interneck said...

I found something interesting for you written on click on Living in Germany an read 'Bumps and Jolts on the Cultural Road':
'...What I didn't fully understand back then was that German professionals expect high-level, expert performance of themselves, and that fumbling around in English, the language of international business, amounts to personal embarrassment, personal shame even. Americans, on the other hand, usually don't worry about linguistic perfection. An American might put learning a foreign language on the important-things-to-do-list. He might even start taking lessons, but he certainly wouldn't see performance in the language as a source of soul-searching anguish....'
Maybe it's helpful