Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom "The Hammer" DeLay Indicted!

So it has finally happened. He was forced to step down (for now anyway), as majority leader. Couldn't have happened to a nastier person. Oh and by the way, Republicans should stop pretending that this is just another partisan attack. They are right when they say that this charge will probably not stick, but only because the burden of proof is for them to prove that DeLay himself knew what was going on and knew it was wrong. Because of the way the law is written, it's a high hurdle to jump. I'm just glad that he's finally being made to squirm.

Roberts was confirmed today. Fine. He's conservative, but at least he doesn't seem like a partisan hack.

Speaking of partisan hacks, did anyone enjoy Michael Brown on the stand in Congress? Hey, nothing is his fault at all! It's all the fault of the local officials he says. Is that what your extensive emergency management experience dictated, Mike? Those political patronage positions are only fun if you don't have to actually do anything, aren't they? Kathleen Blanco on the other hand did not take the bait, and steered almost completely clear of the issue, which was wise. I'm sure she could have done better as well. Brown is already gone though, so he can't possibly bungle anything like that again, though I find it hilarious that he has apparently been tapped as a consultant for FEMA now! Only in the Bush administration. He's loyal to a fault, I'll give him that, even when all evidence and common sense dictates that he should sometimes be otherwise.

Switching tracks to football now...Joe Gibbs has jumped the shark. He is another guy that just makes up his mind to go in one direction, no matter what the evidence dictates. He has Patrick Ramsey, a largely unmolded and untried new talent, (also untrusted, just because his predecessor and not Gibbs himself selected him for the team) and decides that he is finally going to start him. He's in for about a quarter and a half in the opening game and got slightly injured, but was only out for the rest of the game. Brunell was then in and after scoring all of three field goals against a bad team, is named the started. He beat the Cowboys with two touchdowns in the final few minutes of the next game against the Cowboys, but for almost the entire game before that he was just woeful. Now the Jets want Ramsey, but the Redskins won't trade him. Poor guy. The incompetence of the Redskins continues. They are the "home team" for where I live, but the San Francisco 49ers, my favorite team, are looking more competitive this year. They beat the Rams in the opening week, which was great, got blown out by the Eagles, and then last week nearly pulled the upset on the Cowboys. We'll see what the rest of the season brings!


nicnerd said...

The DeLay stuff is nothing of substance, you have a liberal DA abusing the power of his office, that is all. It must be hard for the Democrats to throw stones as they have a murderer in their midst, in a position of leadership no less.

Regarding Mr. Brown. I regard you as an intelligent man. Do you not recognize a politcal scapegoat? If you need a reference point, see Oliver North. Michael Brown is not the fool you take him for, he played his part well, fall guy. Truth be told, I really think the local authorities ARE in indeed much more at fault. But it begs the question, why do we have a congressional inquiry about this in the first place? What does it hope to accomplish? Were the lessons not already learned? Hmmmm.... Oh yeah mid-term election are comiing up and who cried out for the wasteful congressional hearings? They were called solely to make political hay for and to embarass the current administration. Shameful politics, expoliting victims is conniving manipulaton as iits absolute worst.

I am far more interested in the Judith Miller story. Will Bush make good on his promise to fire "Scooter"? If nothing else I think he should be fired for having a ridiculous nickname. How can anyone take a grown man named Scooter seriously?

nicnerd said...

oh man, I almost forgot....

The Niners STILL suck!

Imara said...

Nicnerd, "a murderer in their midst"? Laura Bush isn't a member of the Democratic Party... oh, you probably mean Teddy Kennedy. Was he ever indicted/convicted of murder? Didn't think so. Delay has been indicted by a "Liberal DA" that had indicted 15 politicians in his career. 12 of which have been Democrat. Doesn't seem partisan to me.

As for Brown... he's a fool.