Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alaska Itself Is The Political "Bridge To Nowhere"

First Sarah Palin almost single-handedly destroys the small chances that Republicans have of winning the presidency this year. Then, Republican Senator Ted Stevens is convicted of corruption charges a couple weeks before his re-election bid, (but he WINS his seat anyway). Don Young, the state's Republican at-large house member also has huge ethics challenges (but also wins anyway). Is it something in the water? Maybe in the snow? Thanks a lot Alaska! You provided some much needed comic relief for this campaign and you helped Obama win the election.

*wink* *wink*

You played your part. Now please, please fade away back into obscurity again. The sooner the better.

"You betcha!"

It's not that we don't love you. We do, really we do. We love you SO much in fact that we gave you your governor back. It's the least we could do.

"Say it ain't so, Joe!"

No, I'm afraid it very much is so. Oh, that reminds me... I know he's not from Alaska, but feel free to take Joe the Plumber with you.

Joe the quarter million dollar a year plumber. (I'm in the wrong profession.)

I'm looking forward to no more moose jokes...EVER...

The bridge to nowhere would have been here.


Tully said...

OK, I know it’s a good sign when just the title of your post makes me burst into laughter!

As for Alaska…not all that surprising. Ever see what real America is saying? Logic isn’t exactly the cornerstone of their reasoning, eh?

LOL…on Joe the Plumber (we ARE doing something wrong aren’t we…highest paid plumber ever). Apparently Joe didn’t just have a dream to own his own business…he now also wants to run for Congress, has set up a “watchdog group” to keep an eye on Obama (WhoTF is this guy again), has a talent agent looking for a country record deal, and a publicist trying to get him a book deal. Not only is he a dreamer, but apparently has multiple personality disorder. Seriously…only in America.

Erik Grow said...

Wow, that's frightening... 9/11? What the hell???

nicnerd said...

O/T, but that picture of Alaska is breathtaking. They may harbor "Mavericks" in Alaska, but the scenery is beautiful.

Erik Grow said...

I agree! Chris and I want to go there sometime. We almost went this year but we scaled the trips back so we could have a bigger eastern European trip next year.

DAVE BONES said...

looks much better without the bridge

nicnerd said...

I agree, damn the bridge!

I have been to Alaska a few times, those whale watching cruises are really quite an adventure. The whole area is very nice, though I actually prefer Victoria, BC in Canada. You should hit that as well, Erik.