Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Volunteering In Virginia For Obama

I arrived at my polling place this morning to vote at 8:54 AM. I had voted and was driving to the local Obama Headquarters at 9:04 AM. The lines were about an hour before work when my wife voted, but by the time I had gotten there, the lines had cleared out. I found it interesting that this time there were electronic voting machines AND paper ballots, and they asked every voter what they preferred. I just went with the touch screen.

Minutes later I was at Obama HQ. I was handed a cell phone and a list of names to call. These lists were confirmed Obama supporters, so they were easy. Some people were happy to hear from me, a sign that we really are that strong to have a solid ground game in VA this year. Most people were not home at all, but later in the day we got clearance to start leaving messages for them. The office was very busy, and as the morning and then the afternoon wore on, it went from a dozen to a couple dozen, to more like thirty people, some of them going to do "line duty", making sure that people had refreshments or umbrellas if they had to wait in the rain. It did start to rain in the middle of the afternoon, but not a lot.

It was great to see all of the volunteers. They were from all walks of life, and every age and race. One guy's wife works for Senator Biden. Another one works for Senator Boxer in CA and has been to several swing states.

Virginia's polls close at 7PM. That is very early, one of the earliest in the country. It's a disadvantage for Democrats because traffic is very bad in our northern VA stronghold. It would be nice to have them close at 8PM instead. I also don't like that some polling places can't have much of the line indoors and out of the weather. Despite the rain, it's not too cold today, so I suppose that's something to be thankful for.

I'll be watching the counties in VA that vote this time and the margins compared to those same counties in 2004. If Obama inches closer in ones that Kerry lost in 2004 and turnout is as high as expected in northern VA, it will not take long to be able to read those tea leaves. My nightmare? Obama wins the popular vote and loses the electoral vote. My best possible outcome dream? A comfortable victory.


Anonymous said...

It's too early to say yet, but things are looking good.

Your state hasn't registered yet, but I'm hoping that both the popular vote and the states rolling by with this the turn of the earth will make Obama's victory clear.

Thanks for your work there in VA. Here in Texas, they are only reporting partial results now.

Take care

nicnerd said...

Ahh, so you were one of those callers. Well if it is any testament to the level of effort of Obama supporters; I received six calls today. Five calls were for my wife / Obama supporters, the remaining call was for Frank Wolf. The annoying part is that we had both already voted.

Candidate affiliation aside, I find this sort of calling really annoying and I think that it should be as illegal as sales calls.

nicnerd said...

Congratulations, Erik. I will eat my words now. Mr. Obama winning Virginia is a total shock to my system.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Nice work, dude. You delivered Virginia for Obama, and contributed to the complete blow-out that is this clear repudiation of ronald reagan.

Looking forward to your vids.

In the meantime, every wingnut can get in line to blow me.

Erik Grow said...

Thanks all! My vid isn't really that exciting. None was from within the center, but I did document some of my day. The vid post probably won't be today. It will be tomorrow most likely. Yes, it was really an amazing thing. Did you see the crowd for Obama on TV at midnight??? 125K! Wow...just wow.