Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What Is An Electronic Cigarette???

I'm not a smoker, so maybe that's why I'm missing the charms of this product. Apparently it's a metal shell of a cigarette that makes water vapor instead of smoke, and looks like a cigarette. I saw this advertising on a computer game site, of all places!

From their website: "Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette has no tobacco, no tar, no real smoke and no other chemicals like traditional cigarette that can cause lung cancer. However, It looks like a real cigarette, feels like a real cigarette and tastes like a real cigarette, yet it isn’t a real cigarette... It is also cheaper and healthier than real cigarettes!!!"

Wow, *electronic* smoking looks really glamorous!


Tully said...

Yeah, uhm, she looks smokin’!

Seriously, where do people come up with this stuff and doesn’t it defeat the whole “rebellion” that inspired smoking to begin with?

We need to get Justin hooked in E-Smoking! ;)

DAVE BONES said...

I want one. Goes well with a glass of wine and a girl you can lick from the navel up with her clothes on.

Gary Rodgers said...

Erik, stay off that site. Those people are poisonous. Like a pack of jackals, all pissed off that their brand of political thought and repression has been thoroughly rebuffed in the past election, doing in reality the very thing they have accused democraats of in the past, actively wishing for the failure of this President for their own petty reasons. Kathleen is an idealogue, unable to see beyond her own brand of fundamentalist breast beating, pontificating on morality as she thinks it should be applied to others, her commenters are a bunch of people hiding in the anonymity of cyberspace behind pseudonyms, getting the knickers in a twist over ant slight real or imagined. It is this attitude, so pervasive in this region, that makes an otherwise pleasant place to live nearly intolerable.
After being accused of lying and being a 'member of the culture of death' by Kathleen I have never posted there again.There are words in my vocabulary that I could apply to her and her ilk, but they would not be considered polite or acceptable unless you work on a road crew or are in prison.
Gary Rodgers

nicnerd said...

My wife wants one of these. As a twice reformed smoker, I can tell you that part of the addiction is tactile. When i am out at a bar especially, I just feel like I should be holding a cigarette. The e-smokes also have nicotine cartridges, so you are getting your fix too.

Personally, I am afraid to otuch one because if I get used to holding a cigarette again I am going to reach for the real thing at some point.

If an e-cigarette will make my wife look like the model... (shuts up before he get into trouble)

DAVE BONES said...

are your ears burning? We are talking about you.

-Tom said...

The smoke it creates contains the nicotine of a regular cigarette. As many of the people who own them will tell you, it's not the nicotine that gives you the lung cancer. That's what many of them are trying to do -- eat their cake and have it too.