Monday, July 04, 2005

Born On The Fourth Of July

Today is George Steinbrenner's 75th birthday. I really don't care a bit about that, but it was a bit of trivia that I picked up from ESPN this morning. I actually can't stand the Yankees, or the Cowboys for that matter. Any team that is considered "America's Team" in any sport just conjures up images of bandwagon-jumping rednecks, like the rednecks that I went to school with until I switched to a much bigger nearby district for high school where my Dad taught for 30+ years. I'm not saying that it's "not OK" to like a team that you don't live near, because after all I am a 49ers fan (since before they won their first Super Bowl), and I've never even been to San Francisco. These kids were all living in upstate NY, and were Cowboys fans with no ties to Texas because it was the "cool team to like" for the in crowd. That is just lame. Oh, and by the way, how 'bout them Nats? They just swept the Cubs on the road. Impressive.

Sandra Day O'Connor is of course retiring. Get ready for the shitstorm. It has already begun. I am actually seeing a glimmer of hope here though. If Bush nominates Gonzales, it might not be all bad. Conservatives would prefer someone, well, more conservative. I don't think Gonzales is the best choice overall of course, but given the other options, he's probably the best choice. As for being the first Hispanic justice, that's good, but being an "advocate" for one minority group or another is not just shown by giving them positions of power. If W really wanted to make a statement about that group, he could quietly tighten up the borders while at the same time recognizing the contributions of those here, and keeping the same rights extended until they become naturalized. Conservatives would quickly lose interest in complaining about illegal immigrants getting benefits when they saw the dollars spent every year going down as people naturally integrate into our society. That would truly be "compassionate conservativism", but I think most people know that term is a ruse anyway.

My first week of work at the new job has been great! I have met lots of good people that are all very good at what they do as far as I can tell so far. There are certainly some systemic issues as with anywhere else, but the actual people that work there practically radiate competence, and that is a nice change. I understand that it's still the honeymoon period so to speak, and I'm just now getting beyond the surface of understanding, but I don't recall this same feeling after a week at my last job. Incompetence is easy to spot for me now. As for me, I'm just trying to keep up and make sure that I don't become the incompetent one! The bar has been raised.

Today I will be going to my friend Dan's house (Nicnerd on my blog), to have some beer and other Fourth of July food and festivities. Oh, and on Saturday we also got a new kitten from the Humane Society to keep our cat Snowball company. His name is Mojo. He's eleven weeks old, and he's quite a handful. Here is a picture, and don't let his rare picture of him at rest fool you. He's quite a juggernaut. The two kitties are getting acquainted slowly. We'll see how long the growling and hissing lasts from Snowball.


Two Dogs said...

Here comes the shitstorm. Democrats have all of the sudden become SO'C fans. It was even written that she was a moderate conservative. Do you think that Souter is a moderate Liberal? Seriously, what the Hell do those terms mean?

I think that there should be no criteria other than who is best for the job. Pick a justice because of their race? It seems just a little illegal.

Pick a justice because they are strict Constitutionalist.

I like George Steinbrenner, I just don't root for the Yankees that much. And I have always been a Cowboys fan since the late 60's until all the drug crap in the 80's and early 90's.

Good thing that you are enjoying your job and I hope that the honeymoon continues.

nicnerd said...

Now, now - Erik beleives that the constituion is a "living, breathing, document". To hell with interpreting it as it is, it has only worked for what 200+ years, right? We need liberals so that we can make new laws as we go. Better to circumvent the balance of power with an all powerful judicial branch. When did the criteria for being appointed to the bench become the nominee's ability to overcome a fillibuster? To hell with with confirmation, get enough votes for cloture. We will get some middle of the road pansy, afraid to really interpret the law.

fatman said...

Sounds like making it up as you go along to me, but what do I know? I'm just a "bandwagon-jumping redneck" (albeit one who rooted for the Steelers and ABTY--Anybody But The Yankees).

Erik Grow said...

Well nicnerd, if you can predict the issues that we will face 200+ years from NOW, I will call you Nostradamus. Hehheh. You have to be allowed some leeway.

Fatman, the part about the sports teams was largely tongue in cheek, though those certainly were my own personal experiences.

Hector Vex said...

What's with the cat picture? If I see one more fucking cat picture on anyones blog I'm burning down the blogosphere!

Two Dogs said...

Actually, I'm with Hector on that one.

Devo said...

Heh heh, I like it when Hector gets all violent and angry. It's fun.

As for Supreme Court nominees, I don't see this as being as detrimental a battle as some do. I doubt GW has the "political capital" left to stack the court with Evolution-hating rednecks. If he goes for anyone, I imagine it'll probably BE some pansy afraid to interpret jack shit. It's unfortunate, but at this point, the pendulum is reaching a standstill and will one day come crashing back to the other side. Whether the conservatives let that happen gently or force an extreme backlash by trying to stall the process is their choice.

As for balance of power... I think we lost that quite a while ago. Both the Legislative and Executive branch are firmly in the hands of the Evangelical Millenialists. One more branch, and they will have Complete And Total Dominion Over Earth And Its Creatures, as promised by God Above. Amen.

tinchen321 said...

mojo is so cute! i like the colour of his coat!

nicnerd said...

Umm yeah Devo, best adjust that tin foil hat of yours. We are moving to the left? Sheesh I did not get the memo again, people are always leaving me out.

Erik, you can ammend the constitution. They have this cool ammendment process just so that you can modify things as our needs change. See, back in the day women were not permitted to vote, so they made this ammendment (wonders how wise that was - LOL). Was that topic not discussed in your primary school civics lessons?

Two Dogs said...

nicnerd, I couldn't find where women were denied the right to vote in the Constitution. I know that it just has to be there, but I can't find it. BTW, a comment on my site sent me to look at the Constitution today.

And Devo, I really don't think that Evangelicals are controlling anything. That was a MSM thing back during the election. Polling showed that the numbers stayed pretty much the same. Oh, and I'm Catholic and far, far, far to the right of W. I am a Conservative and he isn't.

Devo said...

nicnerd - I never said we were moving to the left. Quite the opposite. I was indicating that most of our government has been populated by far right wing reactionaries. The ones in congress even threatened to eviscerate one of the last bastions of balancing power in the legislature by demolishing the filibuster. Without that, the minority would have very little voice; and THAT is the reason for checks and balances in the first place - to give the minority a voice. Similar to the reason the Senate and HOuse are constructed in the way they are.

two dogs - I apologize for characterizing all hardline Christians as evangelicals. That's not necessarily the case. I was merely pointing to what I perceive as an increasing Christian presence - and a rather vocal one at that - in our government. This, like the increasing swing to the right - has been a trend for the past few decades, but it's been getting worse with the rise of the Bush Tribe. Increasingly, religion has played a very important part in many governmental issues. From Schiavo to bioethics to reproductive rights, they're stickin' their noses in everywhere. Legislating from the pulpit is probably a phenomenon most of our founding fathers did not have in mind when writing the Constitution. I honor and respect your beliefs, as much as my sarcasm may seem to suggest otherwise.

I also understand the differences between Catholocism and Evangelical Protestantism (I was raised strictly Catholic, and indoctrinated with the best of 'em). The fact of the matter is that many legislators in Congress allow their beliefs to enter into their attempts to legislate. This, in my view, is a grave mistake.

Finally, I put very little faith in polls, or statements made with respect to their results. Zogby? Rasmussen? Gallup? You can bend and twist any statistics they come up with, no matter how objective they may be. In fact, I've pretty much given up on any objectivity these days.

By the way, how much of the mainstream media is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting?

Just Browsing said...

Why shouldn't there be a strong christian presence in the government..It was founded "Under God"....The whole reason for this country wa sreligious freedom....the majority of americans are christians....Should they not get a voice....What the government should not do is discriminte against religion....all beliefs should be accepted and treated equally....After all governments are just a revision of religion...Once the powers that be figured out that just telling people that a "God" said to live your life like this or you will suffer in eternity was not working to control the people...Governments were started and we find ourselves in the steaming pile of crap we are today...