Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Sister Is Married!

Here are some pictures of the happy event. In case anyone is wondering, I got all of these pics on my Fuji F-700 digital camera, including the digital video clip. First, my sister the beautiful blushing bride, married at 27 just like me. It will be difficult to get used to her with a different last name, not to mention all of the extra syllables in her new last name.

Katie and her brand new husband Kris dancing late in the evening. Katie still looks awake. Kris looks like he's about to fall over.

The proud Mom and Dad, at 56 and 62 respectively, looking great as always. They don't really like the spotlight too much, but they handled the whole thing with the utmost grace.

Katie with her maid of honor, Kim (on the left). Kim is very nice, and I talked to her quite a bit. She is recently married herself. I swear she's seven feet tall too.

One of the groomsmen, Rick, and his girlfriend Vanessa (though I might have mixed the names up with another couple, I met about 100 new people this weekend). Anyway, I chatted with her quite a lot also. She's very cute and funny. They've been together quite awhile but Rick hasn't gotten around to popping the question yet. If he still hasn't asked after they legalize polygamy, I will probably ask her myself.

My Aunt Doris, Uncle Chuck, and I. Uncle Chuck's wife is Aunt Vivi, who took the picture. Aunt Doris' husband, my Uncle Phil was at a grandson's graduation in Missouri I believe. My wife as I mentioned before, was at a friend's wedding in Chicago.

Aunt Vivi and Uncle Chuck during the "anniversary dance". They will have 50 years of marriage this January!

Click here for a short movie clip from when the wedding party was having pictures taken. They were told by the photographer to all jump in the air at once, and hilarity ensues!


Two Dogs said...

Holy Reach Around Batman, your dad is Steven Spielberg!

Two Dogs said...

Oh, and it's been nice knowing you, I'm guessing the polygamy statement shall be your downfall. Your sister is cute, did she get the intelligence too?

Anonymous said...

Erik, i must say, you clean up pretty well haha. But i've seen the "real" pictures of you :P. Ok that sounded really gay... *sneaks out of the room before anyone sees him*

Two Dogs said...

Hey, who was that gay anonymous guy in here?

Erik Grow said...

Hahhah! That was probably my new brother-in-law on that comment.

Spielberg? Maybe. I've also heard Lenin before.

Hehheh. Hey, I worked with someone from Cameroon once whose Dad had many wives. It's pretty wild!

Yeah, my sister got the intelligence too. I may have applied myself a bit more at times, mostly due to lack of a social life until college, but she is every bit as capable. She teaches high school health class. I think it's high school anyway. Yes, our parents raised us well!

JLP said...


Clearly your sister got the good looks!!!


Hector Vex said...

I think I saw your sister and her friend greasin' a pole at a club... wait.. nevermind... not them... but hey - if they ever need extra cash - they're qualified to win amatuer night for sure!

What'd you expect? Something mushy?

Erik Grow said...

Not from you Hector. You're too old and bitter! Hehheh. Yeah, my sister has been single for about a total of five minutes since she was around 13.

soundboyz said...

Congrats to your sister Erik. When I first saw her picture, I thought you were doing a post on the "runaway bride".:)

soundboyz said...

^JK!!!She is absolutely beautiful!!!

E Na said...

Here's my take on changing last names when getting married. Only do it if it's an "upgrade." I like to kid my wife about what a deal she got when we got married. Won't get into specifics hear, but trust me. :)