Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saddam And Republicans Have Something In Common

Apparently they both admire Reagan. I found this story quite fascinating. Aside from his delusions of still being President of Iraq, and his past atrocities of course, this guy could pretty much be anyone's grandfather. It's so funny that when you strip away all of the pretense and power, that he's just another senior citizen. If Saddam were born in the US, or almost anywhere else in the world, he would probably be spoiling his grandchildren, gardening (which apparently he does in prison too), and eating his beloved Doritos. Instead, he becomes a brutal dictator, is overthrown, and now at 68 years old he will never leave prison. It's interesting to think of what he could have been, and should have been.

Now, this is very funny. If this doesn't get DC's "top cop", Chief Ramsey, to pay attention to rampant auto theft in DC, then nothing will. It's kind of like someone torching the fire chief's house. DC, for those that do not live in this area, has undergone a fair amount of economic revival in many neighborhoods, most of it related to the real estate boom. This has pushed a large number of poor people into one of the neighboring counties of southern Maryland, Prince Georges County. The murder rate has been going up there in the last few years as DC's has dropped. DC has long since not been the nation's "murder capital", but property crime is of course still a problem as it is with all big cities.

I generally don't care at all about celebrity gossip. It just isn't my scene. However, I do love a good real-life mystery, and the Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise thing seems to just get "curioser and curioser". It sounds like the Religion...*cough*Cult*cough* of Scientology might have gotten their hands on her from the beginning. I also heard on Howard Stern, reliable source that it is, that Jessica Alba (mentioned in the article here too), was "interviewed" for a part, and that she said it sounded more like a date interview than a movie role interview. Very interesting. I'm starting to think the conspiracy theorists are right.

Hey, Two Dogs, I haven't been following the Killen trial too closely yet. What kind of evidence do they have on him from so long ago? Is he just going to walk again? Figured being a Mississippi resident that maybe you would have heard more detail. By the way, on my way home I was in the usual slow traffic, and some guy in the biggest, noisiest pickup truck you can imagine, zooms up in the lane next to me and revs the engine as if he can move more than a hundred feet forward. "Who's this jackass", I thought, as I looked for a "W" sticker on the cab. No clues there, but then I looked at the license plate. "MS N8V" That gave me a chuckle, and I wondered if maybe Two Dogs was in town.


nicnerd said...

Well you suspense is voer for Killen, he was convicted on the lesser manslaughter charge. I am not sure how I feel about these sort of prosecutions. If he did it (and they jury seems to think that he did) then I say delayed justice is better than nor justice at all.

Shame on you for bashing on two dogs. I find that stupidy transcends politics. I know (I think) that your obervations are set in a somewhat joking manner. Have you ever read the rules for driving in Northern Virginia?

Two Dogs said...

Life in prison for manslaughter as nicnerd said. He won't last long.

Oh, in case you wondered what kind of truck I drive, it's a GMC Sonoma SLS. Not tall, not loud, but extremely fast.

Erik Grow said...

Yes, it was of course in jest. I did think immediately of Two Dogs though, however I think he's the only person from MS that I know, so it's not a big leap.

Honestly Nicnerd, I would have to say they drive better down here than in upstate NY. Actually, scratch that, in upstate NY they drive slower, annoyingly so sometimes. I think that's because around here there are almost no retirees, while upstate NY has their fair share, especially in the summer. Down here people are more skilled behind the wheel, but the congestion causes more accidents.

Hector Vex said...

Try driving on the gulf coast of florida during season. Then talk to me about driving. Bah.

Devo said...

None of you have ANYTHING on New Jersey Turnpike driving. It's like entering a destruction derby every morning. I feel like I'm in Mad Max or something.

Two Man Enter, One Man Leave. You know, that type of thing.

Hector Vex said...

What if one of the men is really a big doofus being controlled by a queer little midget with big glasses? What then?

Devo said...

THEN, you'd better get tha fug outta the way, cuz his glasses are probably not working as well as they should. Tina Turner is notoriously cheap with the vision plan she gives her workers. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if those glasses are just the bottoms of Coke bottles glued to the guy's eyeballs. You can't see nubbin through those things.

Masterblaster would totally kick my ass if he ever saw me, though. I'm no match for that guy.

Two Dogs said...

Killen got sixty years and the families said that justice was done. Yea, that's life and then some for an 80 year old.