Saturday, June 11, 2005

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

My grampa was born 90 years ago today! We sent him an album with some pictures from my sister's wedding. Happy birthday grampa! Some relatives are going over there today, including his sister Wilhelmina (Aunt Willie), who is 94, last I knew anyway. He lives in upstate NY, near Ithaca. Much of my extended family, including me, were born and raised in upstate NY. Our family lived just outside Auburn, which is about 30 miles SW of Syracuse. Here is a picture of grampa and I from last year.

My parents are staying at our house for a long weekend visit, and I took them to see this game last night between the Nationals and the Mariners, which was great fun. It was tied going into the bottom of the eighth inning, 3-3, and then the Nats, who were never in the lead to that point, blew it open with a six-run eighth inning, and went on to win by that score, 9-3. You should have heard the roar when they got the go-ahead run. Very impressive. The Washington Nationals are DC's brand new baseball team. They are doing really well this year and are even leading the NL East so far! They were the Montreal Expos until the league moved them this year to Washington DC.

On a side note, if you see anyone who looks like this and has this look on his face, it's a good bet he has either killed someone or is about to. Proceed with caution.


Two Dogs said...

Happy Birthday, Erik's Grampa. I hope you have many, many more.

I am beginning to believe that you are an okay guy, Erik, if you like baseball. I do hope the Nationals do well, even though I am sorta a Braves fan now that Jackson has the AA Mississippi Braves.

Oh, and Despres is a scary looking dude, if the vast majority of Fed employees were not dumb as a post, maybe they could have saved a few lives there.

Imara said...

The two best groups of people in the world... children and the elderly. Children because they're so full of love and aren't jaded yet. Elderly because they've realized love is what's important. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still trying to figure that out. Happy belated Erik's Grampa!

nicnerd said...

I heard abou the crazy guy in that picture. The freaky part is that they found him the next day two states away, so somebody picked up that freak as a hitchhiker!

Erik Grow said...

Thanks Two Dogs, and yeah I'm really a football guy pretty much, and I don't see that changing significantly, but now that we have a team, it's a little more interesting than it used to be for sure. Also, he didn't kill anyone here. By the time the Feds saw him, he had already killed who he was going to kill I believe.

Thanks Imara. You are correct! The young and the old often know where it's at when it comes to priorities.

Nicnerd, that IS frightening!!!