Thursday, April 07, 2005

I Wonder Which Blogs Will Cover This Story?

OK, you can all stop the tinfoil hat speculation that it was the Democrats that distributed this memo, so until the next conspiracy, please think, and get all the facts before you leap. Let that be a lesson well learned. Dan Rather learned it, and now the Republicans that were quick to proclaim another Rathergate have learned it too.


soundboyz said...

This is crap. While it has always been obvious that the memo was Republican generated, I refuse to believe that Sen. Martinez had no prior knowledge of it. This is just another case where the little guy takes the blame . Shame on ALL of them!!

Oh, I just realized that I've been referring to you as Eric when your name is Erik, I apologize . Erik is not the usual spelling for the name and I just assumed ....well you know the rest.Sorry!

Erik Grow said...

I wonder about that too Soundboyz, however, I don't want to jump to my own conclusion about it too soon either. Regardless, we'll never know for sure. It's just nice to know that the buzz being generated on right-wing blogs was actually false.

As for my name, don't worry about it. I'm very used to it. I was named after my Swedish grandfather, thus the "Erik" spelling.

soundboyz said...

No sign of Two Dogs on this one...huh?

Two Dogs said...

Here, I'm is. Martinez should resign, post haste. If he didn't know what his dude was up to, I think that he is either a liar or a moron.

And I will probably post on it this weekend, I had a post that I just HAD to do. No way around it. I think that y'all might find some humor in it.