Friday, April 08, 2005

My Life If I Were Single And Unemployed

As noted in a previous post, my wife is in Phoenix right now at a conference and won't be returning until Saturday afternoon. I took today and Friday off just to unwind by myself. I had quite a day. I worked out on the exercise bike and took care of some domestic stuff in the morning, like laundry, and taking care of cat needs that Chris usually handles (yes, she does have a name besides "my wife", it's short for Christina). I ate the rest of the Easter candy, which consisted of about ten pink marshmallow Peeps, and a couple Cadbury caramel eggs. I played a lot of World of Warcraft, for hours actually. I left some comments on some other people's blogs in between there too. I microwaved a frozen dinner for lunch, even though there was plenty of other stuff to make around the house, and I'm certainly a capable if unspectacular cook.

Around 4:30 in the afternoon I went to the store and bought some wine, Ecco Domani pinot grigio, a package of ten blank CD-ROMs, and a couple cans of coconut water which I have recently discovered and had a craving for. Many clerks still give my license a bit more than the cursory glance that you would expect at 31, and the polite middle-aged Indian lady that helped me today seemed to do that also. I always wonder what they would have thought of me ten years ago. I'm used to looking young, and I'm really trying to believe everyone that says it's great. I spent too many years struggling against it to be appreciative still. Sure, looking about 25 for me at 31 now is great. Looking 17 at 22 is a bit less of a treat, trust me. I got home, played some more Warcraft, and then decided to order some Chinese food. The first place I called, I asked if they had Chow Foon. The woman on the other end of the phone informed me in almost completely incomprehensible English that they were located at Sully Place. I already knew that. I asked again, and she said they didn't have it, but they "cook it differently". Whatever. I said I would call back maybe when my wife got home. She agreed, and I hung up as quickly as possible. I called another place that I actually had a menu for, and that seemed to go more smoothly, besides that she asked me to confirm my street address twice, and insisted on spelling it. Don't they have mapquest? When my food got delivered, shrimp lo mein and combination sweet and sour, with two egg rolls (hey, gotta have leftovers you know), I had become bored with Warcraft, so I watched a CSI that I had recorded on the DVR that we recently got from the cable company. I have the DVR tape all CSIs. It's one of the few shows that I find consistently entertaining. That, Cold Case, South Park, NFL football, and Alias which I watch with Chris because she loves it. Ever since they stopped making her beloved X-Files, it has been her "next-best thing".

I drank about half of the bottle of wine with my dinner. Then I opened my fortune cookies, after watching a CSI episode, and a South Park episode. The first one said, "You have much skill in expressing yourself to be effective." OK. That made a little sense, though the translation could have used some work. The second fortune cookie. What little tidbit of wisdom might that one have? "You are going to have some new clothes." Brilliant. They're sort of right though, I guess. I am going to "have some new clothes" in a minute. They're called pajamas. Goodnight!


Two Dogs said...

Oh, give up on mapquest, Erik. Google maps is quite possibly the best thing since internet porn. And that, my friend is saying an awful lot.

Erik Grow said...

Hahhah. Hey, you like porn. You must be one of those "South Park conservatives" I am hearing about now. Here I always thought you were more the religious conservative type, considering your position on the TS case.

Two Dogs said...

Not a big porn fan, never have seen South Park, I am a Christian.

And my take on Terri was never one of religion, it was one of keeping a sick puppy away from someone that they wanted dead. Too late for that. And have you heard anything about that autopsy that Michael supposedly ordered?

Erik Grow said...

No, it takes a couple weeks they said before it can be released. South Park conservatives tend to be fiscal conservatives and social moderates. I don't think that's really you.