Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nailing Their Own Coffins

Stories such as these are giving me a great deal of hope that the next Congress will be a lot more evenly split than this one is. When one party is in power too long, and they get too comfortable, they start getting crazy and overestimating their support. Then the American people "throw the bums out". It's too early to say for sure, but I'm definitely heartened.

By the way, am I the only one that's puzzled that a crack in an external space shuttle fuel tank is "not considered a major issue"??? That seems a little frightening. I just hope they know what they're doing.

Those of you that smoke, here's another sobering story. Peter Jennings is fighting lung cancer, and that is of course one of the deadliest cancers there is. He smoked for many years, and quit twenty years ago apparently, but it still wasn't enough.

In unrelated news, my wife is at an LMA (Legal Marketing Association) conference in Phoenix from today until Saturday, and I took Thursday and Friday off to play computer games, garden, and just generally relax by myself. I'll have plenty of time to think of issues for my blog as I play World of Warcraft. (My name is Zaun, and I play Alliance on the Earthen Ring server for my primary character, currently a 42 Dwarven Hunter.)


soundboyz said...

Eric, I hope you and Snowball will find a way to survive without the lady of the house. Try to relax and enjoy your time off.

Two Dogs said...

I agree with you on that first point. Since the Dems were in power for so long, they now think that allows them to hold up governmnet business to satisfy a very small population of the country. Thank goodness the adults are finally running the country.

As far as filibusters are concerned, why does the minority party now think that they are a good idea when a mere ten years ago, they were bad? Kinda disturbing when corruption keeps good men off the bench. By good, I mean Constitutionalist, not living, breathing document guys.

On Jennnings, he said that he started to smoke again after the Muslims attacked the United States, but he said it like, "After the oppressed militants of the world finally had enough of the United States crap, they finally decided that turnabout was fair-play."

Erik Grow said...

Hehheh. Two Dogs, I assume you are simply being sarcastic and pretending to not know that I was referring to the Republicans in power now, not Democrats? My point is that they, like you, are overestimating the strength of support for the party in light of some recent poor (and unpopular)decisions that were made.

When did the minority party objecting to five percent of judicial nominees become a crisis by the way? To hear Republicans in the Senate tell it, they are blocking a lot of them, when really it is something like 10 out of 200. Certainly this is not unprecedented? I would expect Republicans to object if Democrats tried to push through some far left people and Republicans were in the minority, wouldn't you?

On the Jennings part, do you really hate him that much that you would make up words that you imagine that he wanted to say against America? That's speculation at best. He was essentially just handed a medical death sentence. Yes, I know conservatives hate him because he's in the dreaded "MSM", and he was supposedly pro-Palestinian and had a Middle Eastern girlfriend, but why the hatred for that? Do you really think he hates America?

Hector Vex said...

42 Dwarves huh? I once cracked 12 garden gnomes in one night with a baseball bat. Does that make me a 8th level warrior or what?

And don't forget to mention that Jennings actually started smoking again after September 11. So that probably had something to do with the cancer.

Of course, we're all born with cancer, and like my family, some of us have a genetic predispostion to get full blown cancer. I know I'm going to get cancer, so when I chew tobacco - the only thing I'm doing is localizing it.

Erik Grow said...

No, LEVEL 42 Dwarf! Hahhah. Garden gnomes! Funny. Those things are a little creepy. I just realized that your icon is David Hasselhoff. You frighten me Hector. Not as much as garden gnomes, but almost.

Two Dogs said...

I do not hate Jennings at all. I was just making a point about his politics. I'm with Hector Vex on the issue I guess. We all have the cancer, but if you expect me to feel sympathy for Jennings, maybe he should come out and let us know where he's going to get treated for it and why. He is Canadian by the way.