Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best... Kool-Aid... EVER!!!

I expound a bit more on the last couple weeks of right-wing screeching on my favorite blog where I am among the small but vocal resident opposition. This, combined with some cultural references, make up my newest video blog entry! Enjoy.


nicnerd said...

I think that you incorrectly equate drinking the Kool-Aid with stupid. I personally have never accused you of being stupid. Other may have, but that is not my style. No I think the Kool-Aid reference is more geared toward the blind cultish following. Here is a candidate that people back rabidly despite the fact that he has little actual experience, a financial plan the sums negative, a dodgy circle of friends, but a healthy dose of charisma. The reference is to Jim Jones and how people blindly followed a man who was headed in a fatal direction, but talked a good game. That is how I see the Obamamenon (look a new one for you).

I have never heard the Obamabot one, but I suppose I understand. This is where you make up your mind to back the Democrat no matter who he is. The simple fact is Erik, let us be honest, you would vehemently back the Democratic candidate even if he were Dr. Evil himself. Actually, maybe that might be cool, I shall raise all of your taxes by one meeeeeelion dollars. The point is you were on the Obama bus before the guy even had a platform despite the fact that I recall you saying some time back that you were a fan of John McCain (I could be confusing you with another Democrat). You espouse how moderate you are, but I have never heard of you voting for anyone but a Democrat. There is nothing wrong with that in theory, but talk the walk that you walk. I have always said that if you are a liberal, wear the badge with pride. It makes little difference to me; I will still watch football and throw back a pint with you.
I think that you well know why people call you a troll, but you feign ignorance because you find that humorous in some narcissistic way. For your edification, a troll in Internet parlance is someone who post controversial or inflammatory remarks on a web forum, blog, shat room, etc. The sole purpose of a troll is to spark an emotional response and/or re-rail a topic. I think that you probably are a troll, as I am guilty of being a troll on some blogs as well. You pretty much said as much in your last video, you frequent RWS because you know that the regulars enjoy feeding the trolls.

You are a great friend, but this angle of humor is beneath you. I would add sore winner to the list since you started this topic.

Erik Grow said...

I did pretend to not know exactly what kool-aid drinker was for effect. I know exactly the connotation, and yes, it is a cult-like following.

I DID like John McCain a lot throughout most of his career. I started disliking him around 2006 when it was obvious that he was starting to pander to the right in preparation for his run for the presidency. I started REALLY disliking him during the course of this campaign. I don't want theocons within sniffing distance of the White House, and he has Palin one heartbeat away if he wins.

Moderate means I want Democrats that are not fighting culture wars, and not talking about nonsense like impeaching the president, or people turning in their guns. I also want Democrats that can work across party lines. This is why I'm not a big fan of Pelosi. It's not the same thing as "independent". I identify strongly with my party, but that doesn't mean there aren't things I disagree with in substance and also in priority with the leaders of the party. I also hope the Republican beats Jefferson in LA and Mahoney in FL. Frankly I don't much care for my Democrat choice in our house district either, but I'm certainly not going to vote for Wolf, so what are my reasonable options?

On the troll bit, I am not a troll! A troll is someone that posts specifically for effect, and that is NOT my purpose for going there. I DO want an open and honest intellectual debate. Those are far and few between, but I DO try. I also figure I should understand conservatives better, and learn how to articulate my own positions because if I can't defend my own positions, then I'm no better informed than "Hollywood liberals"!

As for sore winner, NOTHING is won yet, and I'm not going to go around gloating as many of those on Sparkle certainly will if McCain wins, much of it directed at me. When it's something that important to our lives, gloating is in poor taste. I will celebrate, but I will not get in people's face about it.

nicnerd said...

Your videos are mocking and the smirk and the feigned ignorance only add color to the picture. You are all but doing an end zone dance.

I am not sure why you do not embrace the troll title. It is what it is, not a bad thing – just a thing.

Neeraj Nagim is a an alternate choice in the 10th. I agreed with you anti Frank Wolf sentiment, and I see Judy Feder as a bad joke.

Erik Grow said...

Uh, you clearly haven't been reading what some people say about me there or you'd understand. If I can't blow off a little steam here, then I wouldn't bother going back there.

I do not embrace the troll title! It's wrong! A troll is someone who just wants to stir trouble for the sake of trouble, and that is NOT my intent. I spend far too much time formulating responses for that to apply to me.

Nagim, isn't that who you voted for?

nicnerd said...

You are correct, I have not read that other blog in quite some time. "That blog" became over the top in silliness. Unwavering support is one thing, but willful denial of faults is shameful.

DAVE BONES said...

h ha ha who is a troll? That is funny. I can't hear the vid yet because my soundcard isn't talking to me yet but I will catch up.

What do you mean intellectual debates are few and far between? You are intellectually debating with these people on almost every post. I can't get a troll in sideways sometimes! Not even one of those little hairy ones people hang off the mirror in their cars.

ha ha ha ha

DAVE BONES said...

and I agree with your sentiment on Hollywood liberals I hate them a lot more than Republicans

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I say, fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

Wingnuts, that is.

Fuck 'em in the ear.