Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Completely Meaningless Quote Of The Day Is...

...this doozy from Leslie Sanchez, a Republican strategist on CNN.

"SANCHEZ: Look at the Reuters/C-Span/Zogby poll came out last night or basically early this morning, shows within five points, that John McCain is closing that gap with incomes of $35,000 and higher.If he can continue to maintain that, and even if you look at the fact you take out California and New York out of that, you look at the other 48 states, it is really probably closer to dead even. This is still a competitive race. And before people are writing the eulogies, I think you need to focus on the positives."

Emphasis mine obviously. I know it's just silly campaign-speak, but I just had to laugh at that. What in the world does that even mean??? Sure, if we toss out around 17% or so of the entire country's population whose electoral votes will certainly go for Obama, we just might win! While we're playing the "what-if" game, heck, can we just toss out Texas and Georgia? I guess if we gave Texas back to Mexico, immediately making W the President of Mexico, and then Georgia suddenly sunk into the ocean, then McCain might not even get 100 electoral votes! I think some of these commentators are going to be squirming for the next 9 days to try to make things interesting.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with that is early voting.

People are already voting in what, 17 states? and the tallies are already out there for Harris County (my home).

Overwhelmingly Democratic. I actually heard a Republican on a local public affairs show this morning state that all the Democratcs in our county will early vote and there will be none left on election day.

Yeah, I live near Spakle. the Republicans are desperate.

Erik Grow said...

Heh, well I hope they put a scare into your local Republicans here and there at least!

Desperate? Beyond I'd say at this point!

william said...

Well, once again I ventured into the belly of the beast, just to post a calendar from 1948...a gentle reminder of the current date and time. It was perhaps nuwise of me to make any further comment, but you know how it goes. Message-otiented campaigns and victory, etc. It has been a long time since I have been labeled with anything as heinous as her 'culture of death' epithet. Thanks for your comments ,Erik. Those people have become seriously unhinged, beyond unhinged, they are being eaten by hate . Their rhetoric towards Democrats is merely condescending on a good day, but recently has devolved to ugly. It disappoints me that there can be no discourse with them. Then last night I found my neighbor removing an Obama sign from my yard. I don't know where it will stop.Frankly I can't wait 'til the 5th. Going to a big party in Orlando to watch the returns and earlier to drive people to the polls there.
Again, thank you, Erik.