Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe The Plumber And Bob Schieffer Win The Debate!

I thought the debate last night was the best one so far. Bob Schieffer did a fine job as moderator, and actually kept the candidates somewhat focused on the questions that were asked. Joe the Plumber had a big debate. There are lots of interesting tidbits that are now known about him. He voted McCain in the Ohio primaries. I am not shocked. You know what's even more interesting? It appears that even Joe the Plumber himself knows that Obama would not raise his taxes in his situation! Not that it will stop McCain from trying to use him as a bogus example. Here are the choice parts from that article.

In an interview afterward with WTOL, Wurzelbacher acknowledged that he'd still like to eventually buy the plumbing company he works for but that he wouldn't yet be hit by higher taxes.

"I want to set the record straight: Currently I would not fall into Barack Obama's $250,000-plus," he said. "But if I'm lucky in business and taxes don't go up then maybe I can grow the business and be in that tax bracket - well, let me rephrase it. Hopefully, that tax won't be there."

Hm, that wasn't the tune you were singing while you were on camera, Joe. So, maybe if you're really, really successful, and if you make more than $250,000 a year, you might have to pay 3% more on that amount over the 250K. Oh, what most people would do to have such problems, Joe! Go ahead and vote for McCain on silly hypotheticals if you want, but clearly you are smart enough to understand that Obama's plan won't hurt you at all, and will probably help you.

Here is the brand new Obama commercial. All of the funny faces that McCain made last night in the debate are on full display! They mean nothing in terms of their plans for the country of course, but personally, I think they cost McCain the perception of victory in the debate, because he had his best debate so far on the issues.


Two Dogs said...

No, Joe is single form what I am hearing and single folks that make more than 100k do not get a cut. What Barry says in public doesn't match his tax calculator on his site.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Fuck 'Joe the plumber' or whatever else he calls himself.

He's a shill for Mad Jack, and now that he's stepped in shit we're supposed to feel sorry for him or something?

Really entertaining to see the fake outrage and real hysteria over all this at the Bar-Sparkie Ranch, though once again you wussed out big time, Erik.

C'mon, grow a pair of testicles. Hell, you don't even have to grow 'em, just let 'em drop into your nutsack so they can start doin' their androgen thing.

Really, you'll feel much better.

And 'Joe the plumber?' Fuck him. Fuck him in the ear.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Just to beat this asshole 'Joe the plumber' into the ground another minute...

Two Dogs said...

I am just missing why anyone would hate someone that wants to buy the business where he works, rightwingsnarkle. The outrage the left is showing about a taxpayer wanting to keep what he earns is really silly. Do y'all have jobs?

Why don't y'all run down to New Orleans and take all the big screens out of the Section 8 housing, and sell those to give deadbeats free healthcare?

DAVE BONES said...

You are doing great Erik. Well done.

DAVE BONES said...

I am loving this Joe the plumber stuff. Its hilarious. Personally I am voting for Joe le Taxi

Erik Grow said...

Two Dogs, Joe makes 40K a year. I don't think ANY of this applies! Also, nobody is talking about welfare. That's a red herring. We're talking 100% about people with jobs here!

Snark, I'm not happy with how stuff is going over at Spark's. I will video blog about it later. It's hard when you are playing by the hostess' rules. Believe me, I would be a lot more colorful if I were allowed to be and still get my point of view out.

Dave Bones, thanks for the support. I can use it for sure. Joe le Taxi! Hahhah! Fuuuuunny! I should vote for that guy but I guess I can't.

Two Dogs said...

Erik, the whole tax premise of Obama's is NOTHING but welfare. Did you not read my post? The ONLY people that will benefit from Obama's magic tax plan are people that DO NOT work and stay at home and have babies while running up their debt.

And the take the very premise of the 95% of folks getting "tax cuts," you have to first realize that minimally 45% of workers ALREADY PAY ZERO TAXES.

He is flat out lying and you know it, but are too scared to say it. Everyone with a marginal IQ knows that he is lying.

Erik Grow said...

Well, like I said I just did the calculator and it said my wife and I would pay $1,300 less. This is about what I figured for our fairly high bracket. How do you figure Joe the Magic Plumber and others in the middle class would end up paying more under Obama's plan???

Two Dogs said...

Erik, please tell me that you do know that he is lying? You have to know that, you cannot be that damn gullible. Clinton said the EXACT same thing. Three weeks after he was sworn in, he said, "I have worked harder than I ever have in my entire life, but we cannot find any way to offer the tax cuts that I promised." And youu have to remember that. You simply have to, you cannot actually believe anything that is said by your chosen candidate.

Good lord, man, Barry tried to say that he had never worked for ACORN. How long did that lie stay on his website, one hour?

You have to know that Barry is lying exactly like Bill Clinton did. There is no way that you do not know this, otherwise you must wear a helmet daily to keep from hurting yourself.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

This twodog character is pretty funny.

It's all niggers and welfare cheats and communists and other boogeymen in his world.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go cash my welfare check. I think I'll use the cadillac to go to the drive-up window at the bank.

Then it's off to the liquor store for some Wild Irish Rose and a fistful of lottery tickets.

Thank goodness that they still take food stamps there, because my 'disability' check doesn't come until next week.

At least I've voted. Six times. In three different states.

And once this election is over, I can get back to my volunteer work for the Citizen's Coalition to Ban Handguns.

Life is good. It sure is.

Two Dogs said...

Actually, rightwignsnarkle, you proved my point that all people that are for Barry are retarded morons.

I said nothing at all about race, nor about communists,, I said STUPID PEOPLE THAT LIE. And you wear the shoe because it fits.

Are you a citizen of this country? Because your comments appear to read like some European moron with Tourettes. And your "sarcasm" is funny, too, because it obviously masks that you wish your life was like.

DAVE BONES said...

Don't be dispirited Erik. They are alright really, they are just a bunch of Republicans you know? What do you expect? There is not much difference between us all really. I bet even Bin Laden loves his kids.

Erik Grow said...

Yeah, I'll try not to be. I just don't understand the bloodthirst. I swear if Obama walked into a room full of them, they'd tear him limb from limb. It has gotten way worse in the past week or two.

I'm still going to do that video log entry hopefully tonight. I just need to finish this work stuff that is really perplexing. Spreadsheets with 50K+ rows... Ugh.