Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pictures Of Crestfallen Stock Traders

Doesn't anyone else find these funny at all? I mean, yes, this is a very serious financial crisis, and it may well have a terrible effect on you, me, and millions of others. I completely understand that, and I realize that the results are not going to be funny for many people. Maybe it's wrong, but hey, I can't help what amuses me! Aren't all of the pictures of traders gnashing their teeth or holding their heads in their hands kind of funny on some level? It is sort of like the ubiquitous videos of overweight people that they show from only the neck down when there is a story about obesity on the news, except with this issue, they can show the faces! I think we've inadvertently created a new art form: "Crisis Photography"! Here is a sampling.


DAVE BONES said...

yeah how can people work so many hours and be so unproductive in terms of human progress

DAVE BONES said...

Is Martial law coming?

Erik Grow said...

Errr, hope not! That could put a crimp in my travel plans. Heh.