Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Pro-America" And "Real Virginia"

Those wacky McCain surrogates are at it again. These are just from the last couple days. Yes, silly season continues in earnest!

Here's Nancy and her "Real Virginia" comment. I live about ten miles from where she lives. The McCain campaign had better tell me where I'm supposed to vote since if I don't live in real Virginia, I need to know where to go vote for Obama! She also has no clue where the northern VA population explosion has come from. It's mostly transplanted northerners like me, and first generation Americans that are here working in the tech sector (I am also in the tech sector), not DC residents moving outward. Nancy, for someone that lives here, you're utterly clueless.

Here's Palin and her "Pro-America" comment. I will at least give her credit for apologizing for this gaffe a day or two later.

This moron, Robin Hayes of North Carolina, in electoral trouble himself to keep his House seat, is in big trouble over this one. Liberals apparently hate people that work, achieve, and believe in God, according to him. He denied saying it at first, and then the audio came out. Whoops!


Rightwingsnarkle said...

I will at least give her credit for apologizing...

Dude, you're much too trusting. At the very least, use scare quotes around the word 'apologizing.'

But, seriously, you're being nice to people who'd just as soon put a boot on your neck.

And they will, when given the chance.

A ruthless streak would serve you well, if only for some self-protection. Maybe an Obama tsunami will put a little swagger in your step.

Erik Grow said...

An Obama tsunami WOULD make me feel a lot better. I trust NOTHING until it's over right now. I do trust the polls for the most part, but I keep thinking, what if Obama doesn't win CO or VA and those others swing just back enough to be out of reach? What kind of last-minute surprise could be in store? I'm not much worried about losing any Gore or Kerry states. I don't buy this play for PA too much, though Repubs are playing it up. I'm concerned mostly about McCain clipping Obama in every one of the swing states even with Obama winning the popular vote by 2 percent or something. I don't think there is any chance McCain gets the popular vote.

I did give $100 to Obama, and more importantly I want to do something on election day here in VA. I have the contact info and I'll be taking that day off from work.

Erik Grow said...

Oh, and just to be clear, I AM sure that Obama IS ahead as of right now. We just have 12 days left is all. Time's ticking, but not fast enough right now.

Anonymous said...

erik, I envy you in a way -- you are in a state that could make a difference. Do what you can on election day -- everything helps!

I'm in Texas and while the polls have the entire state red -- there is a little bit of worry in the conservative base here. Early voting is heavy and despite Republicans trying to suppress the vote via the offices they hold, I'm hoping for an overwhelming effect through this early voting and on election day.

Obama and Biden set good examples -- don't let up, but don't worry either. The answer is confidence through strength.

I promise to comment on your actual posts at some point :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in the thick of it tonight!

Erik Grow said...

Thanks! Hehheh. I will do my best. Texas isn't going Obama. That would be a landslide of epic proportions, and we're not going to see that.

It's funny how the people on RWS' site, every last one, is SURE McCain will win. I am the only one that ADMITS that I'm not sure, yet Obama is definitely ahead as of right now. Bizarre. It's very... "faith-based" I guess is how I would describe it. Either that or they are pretending they are McCain surrogates whose opinions are followed in the news. Weird either way. So many people refuse to be real there.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I did give $100 to Obama, and more importantly I want to do something on election day here in VA. I have the contact info and I'll be taking that day off from work.

Well, that is most excellent news on both fronts. Is the $100 recent?

Volunteering on election day (drive folks to polls?) is awesome. Good for you.

As for the folks at Sparkie's, that's just some funny, funny shit. I saw some new wingnut there in the last few days talking about how this is all going to be just great for 2010/2012.

Never underestimate the power of denial. It's pretty much all they have at this point.

But they'll be back to sniping on November 5th. The Clinton years were nothing compared to what they're gonna try flinging this time.

The good news - Barack Obama isn't Bill Clinton, and people are just plain sick of wingnut bullshit.

That's why ya gotta stop trying to engage. It just legitimizes them, if even only in a tiny way.

Erik Grow said...

I gave $50 in August I think it was, and another $50 this week. I could give more but it didn't seem they needed it. Yes, I may drive people to the polls if needed. I don't know what they'll ask me to do but I will find out and blog about it.

I'm not sure I agree with you on legitimizing them. I think what it is, is putting just a little bit of doubt into their brains that maybe the way they're going is futile. Well, even that is probably a stretch. Maybe they just need someone that will stand up and tell them they're wrong. Otherwise they'll be even more complacent. They legitimize themselves by congratulating each other on how exceedingly clever they are all about saying the exact same thing about a hundred different ways. I am just starting to kind of laugh at them all. It really is becoming an asylum there now. (See new post.)

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Maybe they just need someone that will stand up and tell them they're wrong

They probably need massive doses of strong drugs, along with jolts of electricity to the brain and extensive psychotherapy.

But, yeah, telling them they're wrong is a very good start.

Hope you'll bring your video camera with you on election day.

As for the Obama campaign needing more money. Campaigns always need more money. They're spending at a faster rate now than a month ago, and more money enables them to target areas that otherwise might not get the attention (North Dakota, Montana, etc.).

And as this all plays out, there's one person whose efforts and vision really need to be recognized. This would not be happening without Howard Dean, make no mistake. He's the best thing that's happened to the Democratic party in a generation.

Erik Grow said...

I will definitely bring my camera with me. Dean is an excellent organizer as I understand it. He took some flack from Hillary fans in the primary for not "stepping in", but honestly I'm not sure what he was supposed to do. I was on Obama's side from the beginning. We need someone that's more of a uniter. Hillary could certainly have won too, but she wouldn't have changed the map as it looks like Obama might.