Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John Stewart Needs No Introduction

This is an object lesson on why Republicans shouldn't be given any power again until they get their heads back on straight. I laughed SO hard, despite the fright factor.

Oh, and don't forget Libby Dole's new ad against Kay Hagan in the NC Senate race. This is BRAND new. I didn't really care that much about this race before. Sure, I would have liked to see Kagan win anyway, but hell, now I REALLY want to see it! Nobody should be able to get away with this nonsense. Nobody.


Anonymous said...

Thus it goes Erik...character assassination is the las tresort of theose who have exactly nothing to offer. Whether it is Libby Dole or the right-wing hate mongers talking all comes out the same. They talk and all I hear is "Blah blah blah...hate them because they don't think like me....blah blah blah...liberals are evil...etc."america truly needs ti repudiate this sort of thing, political ad, talk radio, rightwing blog or wherever you find it.

nicnerd said...

These are two different issues really. Firstly, obviously the first is a satirical show. It is mind boggling to me that people form views based on comedy television shows. Certainly there is some merit in the argument, but it has been greatly exaggerated in the interest of comedy. I would not put NOVA in one camp and the rest of Virginia as "real" Virginia, but it does make me laugh to think about it. You cannot argue that these are two completely different worlds. You find this sort of divide in almost every state though. Highly populous areas tend to be blue, while rural areas tend to go red. There are multiple reasons for this. While I think it is crap to call your favorite side, "real America", you cannot deny the difference. Look at the difference in my voting area compared to yours. You can drive your car down the road in my precinct and see clearly that it is "McCain Country" as broadcast by the signage. When I drive to your area, I see the opposite.

What gets me incensed is the propensity of these shows to paint voters in rural areas as redneck Republicans. I am neither redneck, nor Republican. This idea that anyone who disagrees with you is a moron equates to a primary school mentality.

Regarding the Dole advert, I do not know much about the NC race. Just seeing that bit is disturbing, painting the opponent as “Godless” is a clearly a smear.

Are you claiming that one side (your side) is not engaged in character assassination? If that is your position, I have to exclaim BS to that.

Erik Grow said...

Nope, both sides do it, but I've been having a much harder time finding comparable smears on youtube from our side for this election.

I know you're in a more rural area there, and I'm not surprised, but don't you think Loudoun County will go for Obama this time?

nicnerd said...

Since we were talking about it, how about this gem from General Wesley Clark:

"riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down. . . doesn't actually qualify a person to be president."

Firstly Lt. McCain was not "riding" in a fighter plane. He was piloting a fighter plane, was shot down, AND spent seven years in a prison camp under torturous conditions.

Does that qualify him to be President? No, not on its own. However, it does speak to his conviction. General Clark of all people should respect that.

I do think that 22 years in the Senate, 4 years in the house, plus his military service do make him pretty qualified. Add to that that his Alma mater is the United Stated Naval Academy and I think he is very qualified.

Mr. Obama has served about 144 days. This is akin to promoting the fry cook at Burger King to CEO.

michilines said...

You answered your own question there, nicnerd. McCain's experiences in Vietnam don't qualify him -- and it is good to remember that he wasn't the only person to have had that experience. It also give perspective to hear the men who had similar or even worse experiences feel a bit of misgiving when McCain exploits that experience, not to mention the family of those who McCain gave up on through his push to normalize relations with Vietnam.

Your other two statements are a mischaracterization of the facts. While McCain served at the national level -- which he got a foot in the door to through the finances of his wife's family, Obama worked a number of years at the state level without the benefit of a politically positioned family.

To belittle Obama's service while ignoring McCain's easy path to power in Arizona is disengenuous.

nicnerd said...

I am not sure what the pint in rephrasing what I already said is. I said that Mr. McCain's military experience alone does noo qualify him. It might be a check on a longer list of criteria. My point was that getting bent about it like General Clark is in poor taste. I do not happen to find his portrayal of his life experience as exploitative as his experiences were rather unique given the power situation of his famous father. It speaks to his character that he endured suffering when he could have had an easy out.

I did not ignore Mr. Obama's experience. In fact I told Erik at the onset of the primaries that Mr. Obama would make a good candidate in the next Presidential cycle. All things being equal, Mr. Obama does not have over 30 experience at ANY level. Regardless of whether you say working as a "community organizer" is equal or relevant.

michilines said...

nicnerd: Regardless of whether you say working as a "community organizer" is equal or relevant.

Is there some particular reason you are ignoring Obama's service in the Illinios state legislature?

nicnerd said...

Mostly because it does not equal 30 years and has nothing to do with national politics. Very much like Ms. Palin's stint as Mayor of Mayberry has no bearing on her ability to take over the Presidency. Those reasons as well as his failure to pass any meaningful legislation aside from racial profiling.