Friday, October 17, 2008

My First(ish) Video Blog

I've done videos before, even video blogs, sort of, but this is the first one that I've actually embedded right into my blog. In this one, I talk a bit about my experiences arguing with right-wingers recently. I get a couple digs in on Spark and Jill, but it's all in good fun!


DAVE BONES said...

ha ha ha I can't believe you take it so seriously. Mind you, if I was arguing with Conservatives in my country maybe it would feel more personal. And what do you mean its you against the world over there? I've been there since err.. God knows. A long time anyway. Come to think of it I have preserved the first time I cam across Sparkle here.

It was before the second time Bush stole the election. I mean got voted in. Oct 2004.

I'm not much help though. I used to get very wound up though. Especially about Jesus and about dead Iraqis.

They are probably angry because they are panicking thinking that Obama will win. He wont though. I don't know what they are shitting themselves about. It is totally rigged now. Did you watch the Palast video I put up? Obama has no chance. Not for all the Acorns in Arizona or wherever Acorn comes from.

DAVE BONES said...

Its weird you think you are on your own. I am always surprised by how balanced the arguing seems to be for a right wing blog.

Erik Grow said...

Oh no, I do definitely have some help there I agree, and you help me! I mentioned you in the youtube description box thingie next to the video actually, but you won't see that if you saw it embedded from my blog. I always appreciate the help and the levity that you provide. *;-)

Yeah, I am taking it a little less seriously now after seeing some of the ridiculousness of the last few days especially. Yes, Obama is definitely winning and there are only 17 more days to go before the election with no more debates, so it will be hard for McCain to change the game. They are getting worried and angrier I think.

I'm not counting ANY chickens until they hatch though, since I've seen this happen before and then the elections were so close and we lost anyway. We've never been ahead by this much though so close to the election. It would take a lot of luck or something really huge to happen for McCain to win at this point. Joe the Plumber isn't gonna cut it.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Ah, well, there you have it.

While I'd still like to give you a quick dope slap across the back of the head (not hard, mind you, just enough to be sure that I have your attention), you are who you are.

And that's really the whole point, isn't it? Be who you are.

The objective information points to a particularly broad, deep, and convincing win by Obama next month. He's run an absolutely awesome campaign through it all, and that's not about to change.

Meanwhile, Mad Jack bounces around like a ping pong ball with ADD; and Caribou Barbie continues to mistake the MILF lust of flaccid old men and young wingnuts for political popularity. They are beyond a doubt the worst candidates running the worst campaign at the worst possible time.

The only way Obama doesn't take office January 20th is if he's killed, or the election is cancelled, martial law declared, and Dick Cheney just comes out and does in the open what he's been doing in the shadows all of this time.

If it gets to any of that, well, all bets are off anyway.

Dave Bones, I can appreciate that your perspective on all of this is quite different. But regardless of your own views and quirks, this just isn't your sandbox to play in.

I wouldn't expect you to give much weight to whatever I had to say about Tony Blair or Gordon Brown or the Queen or whatever.

Same thing.

As for the bored Houston busybody - she's about the cuntiest cunt that I've come across, though I'm sure that there are cuntier cunts out there.

Whether either of you think she's still a nice lady for some reason, or if you really just want to slip your hand along her tummy and down under the tight elastic waistband of her all cotton panties isn't my business, and it also isn't my point.

When it comes to political and cultural issues, she's one of the hardcore 25% of american voters who'll do whatever they can to impose their regressive and reactionary will on the rest of us. She's the poster girl for every rightwing authoritarian follower, and the perfect sucker for every psychopath seeking to exploit them.

People like her are entitled to their opinions, but that's where it stops.

And tolerating an opinion is a hell of a lot more than she'll ever give you.

Anyway, long comment.

C'mon by to my place sometime. I've sorta said 'goodbye' for now, and you've earned a spot in the post.

Thx, etc.

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha ha closing up shop snarkle? Is your shrine to this woman you fantasize about coming down? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha ha etc.

DAVE BONES said...

are you off to find another middle aged woman as a totem?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha

DAVE BONES said...

Erik. Seriously now, for me it happened in one epiphany. When I realised we were being prepared for an invasion of Iraq, my reaction to that was to try and form genuine relationships with US Republicans and Fundamental Islamists.

That burden came to my heart very strongly as something important to do, totally in case of emergency on either side, for enlightenment, and as I am a mentally unstable type- for fun, to combat what I was to be subjected to in the media over the years that would follow.

While I watched bombs dropping, I would also find a genuine strength in having human and humane contact with those I disagreed with the most strongly. This has kept hope alive for me.

I've had a think about it over the years. You are right, it has been a good thing to test what you believe with those who most disagree with you.

On a lighter note,

I've really noticed that it has been useful for me. Especially around the subject of 9/11 conspiracies for example.

I am lazy and as I've said before I am a shite failed journalist. When I've needed to know anything I've picked a fight with someone over on Sparkles blog and they come back with all the links etc. Its great.

Whatever reasons we've been doing this it is all about being open and playing the long game as Bin Laden would call it.

DAVE BONES said...

I don't see any fun in calling middle aged women cunts, but if Snarkle does that is his responsibility and he deals with the consequences. If he is closing down his blog, maybe it is because he doesn't think it is a useful or edifying occupation of his time. I honestly can't be bothered to click over to his blog to read this last goodbye.

Erik Grow said...

Bones, that is EXACTLY why I do it too! I just felt and feel like I need to understand it, and to understand it, you have to befriend and even interact with some. This doesn't count my good friend in real life "nicnerd" of course, who is a right-winger too but is kind of reasonable about some things. Hehheh.

I came over to Spark's at around the same time, in early 2005 right when the Schiavo situation was going on, which I think was coincidentally the beginning of the end of the influence of the religious right, for now anyway. I just felt like the country just must be crazy to re-elect Bush and give these fundamentalists so much power. I figured I'd better understand where the people in control were coming from. It still frightens me sometimes at how extreme some of them are.

Things have changed a lot here since then. After Schiavo, Katrina, Iraq, and several scandals, 2006 was an unmitigated disaster for Republicans in the polls. Democrats did not lose a SINGLE incumbent house, senate, or governor seat, which is nearly unprecedented, and they took control in the house and senate. Now in 2008 the pendulum continues to swing away from conservatives.

Despite the viciousness, I am starting to believe that Obama has a good chance of winning, but if things in the country still suck in 2010, there will be hell to pay for Democrats in the next election. I just hope we can steer a good course.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I'm not closing shop. Just easing back.

Meanwhile, Erik's on a real roll here. 12 comments, and counting.

DAVE BONES said...

If the measure of success blogwise was counting comments I'd have shut up shop ages ago myself.

Like you say it's not my sand pit. Its a good snap shot of yours though. If Repubs are panicking its a good sign, but I can't see how Obama can win, and I certainly am not going to believe that it will do any good whatsoever if he does.

I made that mistake with Blairs "New day has dawned has it not?" over here- and look what happened there.

If 1 in 5 have been removed from the roll in Colorado, and this is reflected elsewhere how can your elections reflect the will of America?

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I can't see how Obama can win, and I certainly am not going to believe that it will do any good whatsoever if he does.

Are you wondering how Obama can put together a winning electoral vote strategy?

Or, are you saying that the game is so rigged for/by the repubs, based on their blatant fraud in 2000 (FL) and 2004 (OH)?

In regards to the first - he's run the consistently best campaign, on all levels, right from the start. That's not going to change in the next two weeks.

I follow the action at, and the analysis there, based on the available data, has not only been consistently accurate - it's also been consistently favorable to Obama.

Ya gotta know how we elect the president here. It's not based on the national popular vote, but rather on the state by state popular vote, which in turn determines how each state's electoral votes are awarded.

There just aren't any realistic scenarios currently where Mad Jack puts together the minimum 270 EV's needed to win. He's pegged at less than 200 EV's at fivethirtyeight right now.

That's a hard nut to crack.

As for repub fraud - that's the only way they can win any election, but they can only pull it off if things are close.

One of the smartest aspects of the Obama campaign has been how they've put states in play that were safe repub in '00 and '04.

So, it'll be hard for the repubs to cheat when Obama's advantage is so broad.

But I never put anything past the fuckers. The repubs cling to power like a tick.

As for Obama making a difference, I'm not so naive as to expect ponies and rainbows from the start.

The repubs will be going after him, beginning November 5th. It'll be ugly, and it'll be relentless.

But I'm not so cynical, or nihilistic, to believe that nothing will change.

Your perspective puts you in a good position to see the extreme damage that the Cheney administration has done to the U.S.'s position in the world. It's almost beyond belief how badly they've fucked things up, and that they've done so substantially by intent.

So, yeah, I think it'll be better.

DAVE BONES said...

I'm saying it based on this. I've posted it four times on your favourite blog I'm surprised you hadn't noticed.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Yes, I've seen that, and I'm familiar with Palast's work.

You seem to have your hair on fire about it.

While I take nothing for granted when it comes to repubs and election fraud (it's the only way they have to win), I'm also putting some faith in this.

As I've said, this is an incredibly well-run campaign, and has been from the start. This is not 2000 or 2004, and Barack Obama is not Al Gore or John Kerry.

He knows exactly what he's up against.

Erik Grow said...

I agree that Obama's campaign is being run VERY well. The negative attacks from McCain's side almost prove it.

DAVE BONES said...

So why aren't they investigating Palasts claims now? Are they and I am missing it? This is the BBCs premiere news magazine programme putting its name to this. Why is Obama doing nothing? Is he doing nothing? Is he going to throw the election like the previous guys did? is it all a big sham? What is happening?

Erik Grow said...

I don't know about Palast's claims. They seem to be very..."big" claims. I'm a bit skeptical only because others don't seem to be picking up on this story. I really don't know Bones. The way the polls are right now, if Obama wouldn't win with those numbers, it would be very, very bizarre indeed.

DAVE BONES said...

You really think Obama is going to win? That is what I am hearing over here from people in the know. I can't believe it myself.