Saturday, October 18, 2008

If Ann Coulter And Sarah Palin Could Have A Kid Together...

...the result would be Michelle Bachmann. She has a little bit of the same type of look and the right-wing credentials certainly, and even has a bit of the Palin accent. I hadn't heard of Bachmann until a few months ago. She is a House member from Minnesota, and has been making the rounds as a surrogate for McCain for at least a few months. She is apparently also in some electoral doubt in her own race to keep her job, but it seems her district is Republican enough that she will hold on. This video may change things though.

The attacks from the McCain campaign and his surrogates are getting more brazen, more insane, and more furious. Fortunately, it's not working. I could hardly believe it when I heard about Bachmann's appearance on Hardball. She openly and publicly suspects Obama of being un-American. Well, isn't that nice. We're not talking about supposition here. She actually comes right out and says it! It's fascinating how the line has moved in terms of what is politically acceptable from the anti-Obama crowd. First it was openly accusing a US Senator of "palling around with terrorists", then it was openly accusing Obama of being a socialist, and now a US congresswoman openly suspects Obama of being "anti-American". What was that sound? Did you hear that? It was faint, delicate, and barely audible. You know what it was? It was McCain's last shred of dignity fluttering away, along with the last bit of respect that he has lost with me in the past few months. Seventeen more days and this ugliness should all be over with an Obama victory if there is any justice.


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

"The attacks from the McCain campaign and his surrogates are getting more brazen, more insane, and more furious."

How can that be?

Colin Powell said that it was the other way around.
Are you saying that Colin Powell is wrong?

Well I am also.

Erik Grow said...

I know that is the "narrative", that Republicans are claiming it's about race, but that's ridiculous, not because I say so, but because there are dozens of other much better reasons for Powell to do it. I'm making a post on it now.