Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some McCain Supporters "Going Nuclear"?

Over the past week, the McCain campaign has been really ratcheting up the rhetoric on the campaign trail and on their TV ads. It's non-stop negative campaigning now, and even one of their own campaign strategists said that they need to change the focus off of the economy. So, their answer was to try and tar Obama's character with suspicious "associations" with people. I have plenty of friends and acquaintances that I enjoy interacting with. Some of them have what seem to me to be some pretty crazy ideas. This doesn't mean that I am going to end an association with them over the issue. Maybe I won't be best buddies with them, but by all accounts Obama was never on that level with Bill Ayers, and there is absolutely zero indication that Obama ever espoused the kind of violence that Ayers espoused. The reason that this is dishonest is that they know Obama does not think this way, but since they are backed into a corner and lagging behind in the polls, they need to change the subject. Thankfully, the cynical tactics are not working. McCain is falling further behind by most accounts, with only 24 days left to go.

This rhetoric, Palin accusing Obama of palling around with terrorists, the constant negative ads, hard-right conspiracy theorists openly discussing Obama being anti-American, or a Communist, or a socialist, or a terrorist, is not helping them in the campaign, but it is getting some of their own supporters very alarmed and riled up. Normally energy at rallies is a good thing for a campaign, but in the last few days we have heard different supporters at his rallies call Obama a socialist, a terrorist, and an Arab, as well as "kill him", and "off with his head"! It has gotten so bad that the anger is *becoming* the story, and now McCain is trying to tamp down the rhetoric a little.

In this first clip, he is even booed *twice* by his own crowd when he tells them to be respectful. Independents are watching this, shaking their heads, and heading to the Obama camp in this election. These are just some of the highlights from the last few days of anger. This one has the nutty old lady that says he's an Arab.

Watch the look on McCain's face 15 seconds into it when someone yells, "Terrorist!", after asked the crowd, "Who is the REAL Barack Obama?" I feel bad for him, but he has to understand that this is the genie that he and Palin helped let out of the bottle when they decided to pound into Obama with the ugly character attacks. Now he has some of the die-hards believing that Obama will destroy the country in a much more literal way than they had intended to convey.

Here is the "Obama is a socialist" guy. He is practically spitting venom at his own candidate!


Burr Deming said...

Before we make a choice we may regret for the next four years, the accusations against Barack Obama should be carefully considered, as they are here.

DAVE BONES said...

Really? You think Obama can win? You think it will make any difference? Oh well. Not long to go..

Erik Grow said...

I think he absolutely can win and he is undoubtedly ahead as of today, but I'm counting on NOTHING until they call a state that puts Obama over 270. The McCain campaign is going HARD negative and nasty now, but so far it seems to be having little effect. It had more of an effect on Kerry because he didn't respond as forcefully to the smears.

DAVE BONES said...

Obama is responding forcefully? Where do you read your news?

DAVE BONES said...

I couldn't get those videos to work for a while. I've just seen the one with the woman saying Obama is an Arab. That is hilarious. I suppose if it was British Conservatives I would be tearing my hair out. Seeing these guys I just want to come to the states and film them. they are a fascinating bunch.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

There was a famous headline on a frontpage editorial in the Manchester (NH) Union Leader back during the 1988-1992 presidential term.

The editor and publisher of the Union Leader was the (thankfully) late William Loeb - the original wingnut. His editorials always started on the front page, and they were always inflammatory in the most reactionary sense of the word.

If the Union Leader was a blog, it would probably be LGF or FreepersDaily.

Anyhow, reading Erik's stuff (particularly his comments at Sparkie's) I'm reminded of one of Loeb's editorial headlines regarding something Bush said:

Mush From the Wimp

Seems appropriate here.

Erik Grow said...

Still think I need to be tougher, huh? Well, you don't think that anything I say is going to make a difference in anyone's minds anyway, which you are probably right about. The thing is, I'm anxious about the outcome of the election still, and it's a way for me to vent and stay engaged in the process. These last 22 days can't pass quickly enough. I'm always afraid something will happen at the last minute.

I will still read that book you recommended, and though I have not yet, I have not forgotten about it.

Anonymous said...

>This rhetoric, Palin accusing Obama of palling around with terrorists...

Well, isn't Ayers a terrorist? Someone who blows up Government buildings is, IMO, a terrorist.

Erik Grow said...

Nobody disputes what Ayers is. The problem with this line of attack is that Ayers was never anywhere near as close with Obama as you would have us believe. Every non-partisan fact check site that exists tells us that the charge that they were buddies is just not accurate. It's dishonest, and a part of the larger smear campaign.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

The thing is, I'm anxious about the outcome of the election still

I can dig it. It ain't over 'til it's over and all that.

But maybe you're spending too much time at wingnut blogs. Those folks are immune to reality, and they just loves them some Caribou Barbie.

They're the only ones, and they're the lunatic fringe.

The objective data - you turn to electoralvote, I look at 538 - shows Obama in a very favorable position.

Maybe one way to deal with the apprehension is to do something. Donate money, volunteer, etc.

I get the impression that you live in Virginia. There's work to be done there. If I'm wrong, and you live in a safe state, get over to one where things are tight to help out, or do some phone banking right where you are.

I'm in a very blue state, but am canvassing NH and will drive folks to the polls there also.

But again, looking at things from 20,000 feet up, looking at the available data - Obama's been running like Secretariat from the start. He schooled Hillary, the prohibitive favorite.

And Mad Jack's campaign has been, hands down, the worst-run in modern history. It also doesn't help that he's a pathetic candidate.

Erik Grow said...

Yes, you're probably right. I did give 50 dollars to Obama's campaign back in August. A nominal sum to be sure, and certainly I have the means to give more but at this point I don't get the impression that the Obama campaign is hurting for money. Probably volunteering would help more. Yes, I live in northern Virginia, the densely populated and much-publicized blue part of an otherwise red state that the election could easily pivot on this time, and I am seriously considering volunteering, which I have never done before (I've lived here since '97).

Thing is, I'm not a big fan of calling strangers or knocking on doors. I'd prefer to be involved in some other sort of logistics. Heck, I could stuff envelopes. I don't care. I know I would actually be good on the phone. I just don't want to badger people. What other things could I do?

Erik Grow said...

Also, I had never given money to a campaign until making that contribution. So, it's a campaign of firsts.