Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Word: Brilliant

The guys from the Budweiser commercials from 8 years ago reprise their roles in a new ad. This is some weird combination of heartbreakingly on target with the satire, and brutally hilarious. Thanks Dave Bones for bringing this one to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Thank You davebones and Erik

michilines said...

While this one is loading . . . I saw another very good Obama ad tonight on national tv about taxes.

It's beautiful how there's no national 527's out there this time -- none of the pranksters either have the money (see T. Boone Pickens on 60 minutes toninght) to spare, or they are just plumb tired of the nonsense.

My favorite ad from Obama played during the Olympics. I think it was called "These Hands" and it emphasized how there could be lots and lots of jobs in new energy -- the same hands that build old energy can build the new.

I'm splattering all over the place on Kathleen's blog. Loads of fun!